Kenan Rubenstein, Artist & Web Designer.

Worlds without End

My sister's new book, available now from Columbia University Press, examines conceptions of the uni/multi-verse's shape and origins from the ancient Greeks to the bleeding edge of theoretical physics. I designed the cover, provided a few interior illustrations, and built, where you'll find further details on the project.

About Kenan

I do what I can.

I can make comics & websites.

I created DecisionBot to do what I can't (decide), and home{base} to power this website (although these days it runs a bunch of them).

I sometimes keep a sketchbook blog.

Like you, I have big plans.

Somerville, MA


CAKE: The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, 2013 • 8 comments

[ Cara Bean and I decided on simultaneous whims to show off the benefits of our unusually prominent eyeballs by hypnotizing one another first thing Saturday morning. Consequently, we both spent the weekend shuffling about and half-smiling into middle distance while awaiting the other’s instruction. ] “How was the show,” we’ll be asked. We’ll abbreviate our answers to varying degrees; significantly for friends who ask politely, substantially for the coworker...


There are questions not even a child would ask. There are dependencies so dependable no doctor would diagnose them, chemicals so addictive, none would name our need dependency. The first day that didn't happen, we resolved not to worry; these things, we told one another, have a way of righting themselves. Our children were more resourceful, more inclined to see the advantages. They climbed out their windows under dark of afternoon, kissed in parking lots in full compliance with their curfews. We grounded them for all we were worth, but as ever...

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Bespoke web design by Kenan Rubenstein....

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Home{base} is a simple, elegant, self-maintaining web site for you, your band, your business, organization, operation, outfit, or concern. It synchs with your web services, blogs, and social media accounts, so it’s always up-to-date, and you don’t have to worry about it....

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A friendly decision generator and tool for considering all manner of considerations. Weigh your options. Make up your mind....

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Life measured out in cake pans....